Frequently Asked Questions About Food Delivery to Jamaica


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Q: How do I order groceries for my relatives back in Jamaica?

A: It's very simple. You may go online and place the order yourself:

Or you may call us to place your order: 516-481-6602 x 205 (see below for other international phone numbers) . You may even tell us how much you would like to spend and we'll call your relatives to find out exactly what they want. Depending on where your relatives live in Jamaica, delivery takes about 3-5 days.




Q: I don't have a credit  card. Can I still place an order?


A: Yes you can. That's not a problem. Once you decide how much you wish to spend, you can buy a Master Card or a Visa gift card at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, or most other large stores. You can then use that gift card as you would any regular credit card. Or, place your order with the option to pay later. Then you can buy a money order and mail it to us, with the order number included.

Questions about food or grocery delivery to Jamaica?

 Q: Do you accept US EBT cards as payment for groceries to be delivered to Jamaica?

A: No! That would be contrary to USA laws as EBT cards are meant to provide assistance to people living in the United States.  In any case, EBT Cards require the inputting of a PIN, which is not possible to do on our website. 



Q: My relatives have no street address.  Can you delivery to them?

A: Yes!  All we need is phone number to call for directions.


Q: Do you deliver to everywhere in Jamaica?

A: Yes, we deliver everywhere in Jamaica, provided we can get there by car.


Q: I know how much I want to spend, but I don't know what my relatives in Jamaica need.  Can you call them and find out what they need?  

A: Most definitely!  Just give us a budget, your email address and a phone number for your relative, and we'll do the rest.  We will email you every step of the way.


Q: Is there a minimum amount that I have to spend?

A: No!  You decide your budget.


Q: Are your prices in Jamaican or US Dollars?

A: All prices are in US Dollars. However, we have a currency converter on the website which allows you to see prices in many different currencies.


Q: After I place an order, how long does it take for delivery?

A: Delivery to most places take about 3-5 business days.  Kingston deliveries generally take less time than others.


Q: I don't live in Jamaica (I live in the USA or Canada or the UK).  Can I have Jamaican groceries delivered to me where I live?

A: Yes.  We deliver worldwide form our New York headquarters.  However, we have a different website for deliveries outside of Jamaica.  Your website is  Or you can call us to place your order.


Q: Does your company have a physical location in Jamaica?  Can my family pickup the groceries there?

A: We dispatch all our deliveries from a warehouse in Kingston.  No, we do not offer walk-in pickups at this time.


Q: How much is the delivery fee? 

A: The delivery fee is US$14.99.  There is no delivery charge on orders over US$299.


Q: Who pays the delivery fee? The purchaser or the recipient in Jamaica?

A: The recipient in Jamaica pays NOTHING.   Everything is paid by the person making the purchase.


Q: Are there additional fees, taxes, or tariffs to be paid on the groceries?

A: No. All our prices include Jamaica's General Consumption Tax (GCT) and all other tariff and fees where applicable. The price you see is the final price you pay: there are no surprises. We constantly monitor our prices to ensure that we offer a great value to our customers. You will find that about a thousand items on our website are priced below US $3. Our goal is to provide an efficient, reliable, cost-effective service, at the lowest possible price to our valued customers. All of this come with world-class customer service support and 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


Q: Will you deliver the exact items that I ordered?

A:  99% of the times the items will be exactly as ordered. Occasionally, however, we do run out of some items. In such instances, we may substitute a similar item which is of equal or greater value than the one ordered. We will never substitute an item of lower value.  If you prefer no substitutions, please say so in the Special Instructions box on the Shopping Cart page.


Q: I would like to send groceries to a school or a charitable organization. Do you make any special provisions for that?

A: Yes.  Please call us before or immediately after you place your order.  The package must be addressed to the Principal of the organization.


Q: What are your phone numbers?  How can we contact you?

A:  There are numerous ways to reach us.  Use the one that works best for you.


Phone: 1-516-481-6602 x 205     

Free SKYPE Call:   x 205


Click to chat with us live.



Toll-Free: 1-877-846-7267 FREE x 205     

Local: 1-516-481-6602 x 205


647-722-5289 x 205


020-8150-6885 x 205




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