Door-to-Door Food Delivery in Jamaica January 08 2014

Sam's Bread & Butter Express is the safe, fast and convenient way to send groceries to your loved ones on the island of Jamaica. We make it easy for you to place your order, and we provide door-to-door delivery to homes and businesses in all fourteen parishes of Jamaica.


At Sam's, we pride ourselves on listening keenly to our customers' needs. Bread & Butter Express was designed to meet some of those needs. For many years, customers, particularly those with elderly or young dependents living in Jamaica, have asked us about the possibily of delivering groceries to their loved ones at home. As the requests mounted, we examined many possibilities. As a result of our quest, we have put in place what we believe is a first-rate system.


No more worries about whether your dependents will have food on their table. We have created a door-to-door delivery system that will save you valuable time and money, while being fast, safe and reliable.
  • No more running around picking up items to pack a barrel and then missing a day from work waiting for the barrel to be picked up.
  • No more hiring a van in Jamaica and waiting in long lines to collect your barrel.
We will deliver your groceries to your loved ones in their homes for a fraction of the cost of sending a barrel.


At Sam's Bread And Butter Express, we do all the hard work for you.  Here's how it works:

  1. Place your order with us by phone (1-877-846-7267) or online (
  2. We process your order, pack your shipment and contact the recipient in Jamaica to arrange DOOR-TO-DOOR delivery. Within three business days we deliver your package to your loved one's home, office or other designated location.
  3. Finally, we notify you that the package has been delivered.
  4. Yes, it's that simple. Why? Because we do all the work for you.



Sam's Bread & Butter Express offers three convenient ways to place your order.
We accept orders world-wide for door-to-door delivery in Jamaica.1. GIFT VOUCHER: The easiest hassel-free way to order is by purchasing a Bread & Butter Gift Voucher on this website,, or through one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives by calling 1-877-846-7267. You provide the name and the contact information of the recipient in Jamaica, and we'll take it from there by calling the recipient to find out exactly what items he or she needs. Click here to buy your Jamaican gift vouchers.
2. SUBSCRIPTION PLAN: If you intend to order on a regular basis, we offer a Bread & Butter Subscription Plan. Simply tell us the dollar amount you would like to spend weekly, bi-weelky, monthly, or even quarterly, and we'll do the rest for you. At each interval, we will call the recipient in Jamaica, get the grocery list, and deliver the products promptly. We will credit any unused funds to your account.
3. DO IT YOURSELF: If you prefer to pick each item yourself, we facilitate that too. To do so online, just browse this website for each product, input the quantity, and click the "Add To Cart" button. After adding all the products you need, click "Shopping Cart" and follow the instructions to "Checkout." CALL US: To make it easier and more convenient for you to do it yourself, you can call our friendly Customer Service Representatives and we will place the order for you. Call 1-877-846-7267. Outside of the USA call 516-481-6602. Or use Skype to call us for FREE from anywhere in the world. Our Skype name is


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