Food Delivery Service Seeks 5 Families in Jamaica for Free Easter Bun and Cheese Giveaway March 26 2014

Help Us Find the Five Families by Saturday April 12, 2014!

Jamaican Easter Bun and Jamaican Tastee Cheese

Sam's Bread and Butter Express wants to make five Jamaican families happy this Easter by giving each family a large Easter Bun and a 2.2 pound can of Tastee Jamaican Cheese. 

However, the organization needs your help in selecting the five families, each of whom who must reside in Jamaica. 



Nominate a family living in Jamaica by visiting Sam's Facebook page (click here) and writing a comment below our note, telling us the last name (only) of the family and why, in your opinion, they should get a free Easter Bun and Cheese from Sam's Bread and Butter Express.  The five comments with the most "Likes" at the end of the contest wins.   You may nominate relatives, friends, or just a family that you know. 

Participation in this contest is open to anyone residing in any country.  However, the family you nominate must reside on the island of Jamaica.  The contest ends at 11:59 pm (Eastern Daylight Time) on Saturday April 12, 2014.  "Likes" added after that time and comments added outside of the thread will not be counted.  

We will deliver the packages to each family's home before Easter, with a note naming you and Sam's Bread and Butter Express as the senders.  (If you prefer not to be named, that's fine.)


Don't forget to encourage all your Facebook friends to "Like" your comment.  Make it easy for your friends to find your comment by sharing the Facebook note.


span>Sam’s Bread and Butter Express sells groceries to customers worldwide for door-to-door delivery to relatives and friends throughout the island of Jamaica.  The service was launched in February of this year by Sam's Caribbean Marketplace, Inc.  The Long Island-based retailer describes the new venture as “a low-cost service that allows Jamaicans overseas and Jamaica-bound travelers to shop for groceries and have them delivered anywhere on the island within a day or two.”

“We devised a convenient,reliable and safe service for Jamaicans worldwide to order and ship products to folks back home,” says Andrew Morris, president of Sam’s Caribbean Marketplace.  “It’s a nice convenience for anyone who supports aging and homebound relatives or children on the island.”



If you are considering sending Easter bun and cheese or any other grocery items to anyone in Jamaica,  Sam's Bread and Butter Express has announced a free shipping offer on orders over $50.  The free-shipping coupon code is MY-BREAD-AND-BUTTER, (all caps) and it expires at 11:59 pm on April 30, 2014.  To take advantage of the offer, visit, or call 516-481-6602 x 205.  


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